Trocellen Packaging – Light and easy

Packaging solutions that provide long-lasting protection against vibration and shock during shipping, in-process handling and storing.

Be it exposed to impacts, collisions or scratches finished and semi-finished products might need to be protected to keep 100% form, functionality and performance. Trocellen polyethylene packaging products are manufactured, shaped and processed to ensure maximum protection.

Trocellen foams show material properties that make it the perfect packaging material for most diversified requirements. Due to its cross linked structure Trocellen PE foam is chemically resistant and very robust. Its excellent thermomouldability and the possibility to combine the foam with additional materials allow the construction of packaging for products of any size, shape and weight and even for the most sensitive apparatus and devices.

The strong technology background, the extensive experience derived from the past and the ambition to come up with brand new, effective solutions makes the company valuable partner for the packaging industry. Through our solutions we dedicate ourselves to protect natural resources and save energy. We act considering both people’s and the environment’s needs.