Vibration and shock damping spacers

High performance foam based solutions to support your production and protect your goods


TROCELLEN PACKAGING spacers are produced from light and durable cross linked polyethylene foam with precision cutting technology. Spacers facilitate the safe transportation of valuable and vulnerable products requiring protective packaging. The foam material with the accurate profile shapes are reducing the vibration and absorbing the shock energy during transportation.

TROCELLEN PACKAGING reusable profiles are perfect for storage and transportation during production processes.

TROCELLEN PACKAGING solutions are designed and produced according to our clients special needs to offer high quality protection for transportation of finished or semi-finished goods.

Product functions

  • protecting high value and vulnerable products
  • perfect vibration damping and shock absorption profile
  • efficient protection of finished goods during transportation
  • ideal as reusable packaging for production processes

Available foam types

  • chemical cross-linked closed cell foams:
    CXLPE foam (30-180 kg/m3)
    PE block foam (25-200 kg/m3)
  • converting of other foam materials on request


  • durable closed cell foam materials
  • accurate profile shape
  • smooth surface
  • wide density and color options
  • cost-efficient cutting process