Trocellen is the leading European manufacturer of both chemically and physically cross-linked PE foams. Offering wide range foam products for packaging the company is a flexible solution provider for various industries.

Key attributes common to all of our cross-linked polyethylene foams include:

  • light weight,
  • great values in impact and shock absorption,
  • resilience,
  • chemical resistance,
  • low water absorption and
  • thermomouldability.

By having technology as a strong basis and creating a healthy balance between intense experience derived from the past and the ambition to break with traditional solutions Trocellen is your partner for the future..

Trocellen foams

Standard PE foams – great variety of densities and thicknesses, perfect solutions for insulation and sealing
Rigid PE foams – proper solution to replace higher densities, excellent for thermoforming
Soft PE foams – wide range of usage, with great properties of comfort
Ultra soft PE foams – ensuring extra flexibility for special use, advanced resiliency

Converting foams into solutions

In addition to providing foams Trocellen has developed and invested in a variety of conversion capabilities that add value to our foam products:

  • Lamination (using hot air, flame or infrared) permitting combination with other foams, and various materials
  • Adhesive coating including hot melt and transfer/PSA
  • Compression moulding
  • Perforation and embossing
  • Die-cutting